This website is specifically addressed for Passive Income as a Wealth Tool!

In fact this site was created exclusively with YOU in mind!

Firstly – Congratulations to you on reading this site at this very moment in time!

The mere fact that you are on this site tells me a lot about your and most importantly that you are looking for ways to either create wealth or that you need to create an additional income!

Passive Income in basic terms is income streams that are set up  to produce a regular income, that will allow the owner to focus their time and effort on other things.

The idea is to set up a number of income streams that will continue to produce the income regardless of time, effort, and input down the line!

For this to work there needs to be a system in place and the system design needs to allow for the system to eventually run it.  In terms of  "system", I am specifically referring to a business system or process!

The ultimate idea is to have very little to do with the process at a later stage, from word go one should look out for opportunities that lean itself to a process to be implemented that can later run by itself.

The power of passive income system lies in the fact that the owner can eventually take a “back seat”  and just enjoy the benefits.  For those wanting to use passive income as a Wealth Tool, ideally once the process is running the next passive income stream should be built, and the next and so on.

A lot of people make the mistake of sitting back too soon, and their lifestyle absorbs the benefit very fast.

In an ideal situation the regular benefits, income should be ploughed back into the till system and the process reaches its optimal level, from where future income should be ploughed into another passive income stream, until one reaches the stage where their DESIRED lifestyle can be afforded through regular passive income!

BUT even then a substantial amount of the income should be also invested for capital growth! 

Others will want to create passive income as a tool to increase their income, this in itself needn’t be wrong PROVIDING there is a strategy in place to continue building income until Financial Stability is reached, from there on this income should ideally be used to create and build long term wealth and financial freedom.

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